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Light Crossings

The underlying work for Light Crossings is a series of interactive and generative light installations positioned on the bridges spanning the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Driven by data from tide levels, times of day, and seasons, the rhythms of the sites are transformed into a slowly shifting urban experience made visible through the ephemeral language of light. These commissions are currently in the design phase and will be completed in 2023 and 2024.

Rather than a literal representation, the NFT series is a reconceptualization of Light Crossings as an immersive set of explorations not possible in the physical world. The digital scans provided the architectural framework for the development of the NFTs and a 3D environment to frame an infinite number of experiences. The initial series will take the audience from physical representation into a point cloud structural environment to explore and interact with the artworks and real-time effects.

The freedom and infinite possibilities afforded by cutting-edge tools and technology have allowed Narduli to develop new forms of expression and extend her understanding of simultaneous physical and virtual experiences.

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