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Pierre Gervois

Pierre Gervois

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It was in 1988 that Pierre Gervois first started painting. Then, in 2000, he began incorporating elements of language into his work. Since 2019, his work has served as a witness of American society without judgment, emotion, or stated point of view. He has been a crypto artist since May 2021.

The elements of language that inhabit his works do not exist separately from the entire artwork. They are organically part of the subject (the black rectangle) and the singularity (the small rectangle on the right side). These elements of language lose their meaning if they are considered separately and therefore cannot be considered quotes. They are exactly what they are, in their purest and original intent, as markings on a material surface of undefined scale, in an unspecified location, at an unspecified time, drifting in the Metaverse’s deep space.

Gervois never really understood the rules of living in society. As a child, he did what he was told to do. While he actively tried to obey instructions, he never really had a good grasp of why he had to act a certain way and respect social norms. He always felt like he was an astronaut who had just landed on a new celestial body, exploring a new world with very few clues on what to do and how to socially behave in the expected way. He didn’t have an opinion on the validity of social rules or understand who could have the legitimacy to mandate them.

Gervois was born in Paris, France in 1969 but later immigrated to the United States in 2013. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at New York University and a member of the Metaverse Collaborative research group at NYU SPS, teaching metaverse and blockchain applications. Gervois is also a panelist at the Brooklyn Arts Council, which provides grants that support local artists.

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