Maps of Memories

Maps of Memories: Honoring Bedford Boys Ranch




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“Maps of Memories” is a site-specific sculpture that stands in the center of a significant landmark in Bedford, Texas: Generations Park at Boys Ranch. This sculpture was commissioned in 2022 to commemorate and honor the history of the park, formerly known as Bedford Boys Ranch.
Inspired by topographic maps of the land, all three sides of the sculpture depict aerial views of the transforming landscape. As viewers walk around the sculpture, the visual story of the land they are standing on unfolds before them. Laser cut images point to the locations of the facilities and activities within each map and how they adapted throughout the years. The sculpture’s plaque includes a QR code that is linked to a webpage that describes the meaning of each image, encouraging interaction from viewers in the form of a scavenger hunt.
This piece measures 72” x 60” x 52” and was created in raw steel with the intention of developing a rust patina slowly over time. This way, the sculpture will serve as a time capsule in the historical space where it resides.
Sculpture designed by Jessica Green.
Fabricated and installed on site by Stash Design. Based in Dallas, Texas.

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