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"Coral Portal" is an NFT featuring a 3D scanned underwater landscape created by the artist during a scuba diving expedition at Carysfort Reef in the Florida Keys. Carysfort Reef is one of the seven essential reefs in the Florida Keys selected for restoration under the Mission Iconic Reefs project. The project aims to rejuvenate and preserve these significant reef ecosystems and ensure they remain protected for future generations.

This NFT depicts a group of growing Staghorn coral, a vulnerable species found on the reef. The 360-degree representation visualizes their current state, highlighting the need for environmental stewardship. Using photogrammetry, the artist has digitally preserved these corals in the metaverse. Through this work, the artist aims to increase awareness of the harm that humans have caused to reefs and their ecosystems and encourage coral restoration. Collectors passionate about the environment, ocean, and coral reefs may find this NFT particularly appealing.

By purchasing this NFT, the collector will be able to access links to download the high-resolution video file, the 3D model, and own a precious piece of environmental art.

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