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Live Drop: Our First Phygital Art NFTs

Featured Artists at the NFT & Public Art Exhibition: Phygital Cities of the Future 

CODAMADE is launching its newest drop, a limited-edition collection of public art NFTs. 

The Details: 

These exclusive NFTs will drop online at CODAMADE, and they will also be incorporated into public art installations at Phygital Cities of the Future, an NFT exhibition spanning three weeks at Mad Arts (481 S Federal Hwy) which kicks off at CODAsummit 2023, taking place from March 29-31, 2023. 

For this drop, CODAMADE is unveiling brand new public art NFTs from internationally renowned artists, including but not limited to Edison Peñafiel, Ana María Caballero, NONOTAK, MGOGLKTKO, and Katie McIntyre. 

Showcasing both real and imaginary projects that involve public art and NFTs, this exclusive CODAMADE drop brings them together in a harmonious convergence between the physical and the digital – a representation of how cities will be in the future. It demonstrates the congregation of creativity in uniting artists working in various media and adopting blockchain technology with digitally native artists engaging in physical media. 

This NFT collection proposes to go beyond the restrictive binary of physical and digital, merging our analog relics with our digital future as a form of collective community expression.

Noted collector, appraiser, and curator of Phygital Cities of the Future, Ronnie K. Pirovino has seen a tremendous level of interest in this NFT space. According to him, these digital and public art collaborations are necessary, as platforms like CODAMADE provide a means for reaching out to interested creators to “provide a way for them to be educated, a way for them to see this work, and a way to imagine how this is all really evolving and converging. It’ll be really exciting to see all the work and the discussion that will come out of it.”

MARE MAGNVM: VLTRAMARINI Collection by Edison Peñafiel

Edison Peñafiel (Ecuador / Miami) creates work that focuses on video and immersive, site-specific, multimedia installations that create surreal echoes of our world. His works engage with socio-economic and political themes. Peñafiel's practice channels migrant narratives in order to transmit to the viewer the reality behind the experience of marginalization. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, the “MARE MAGNVM: VLTRAMARINI” NFT centers on real-life scenes from the many sites of migration across bodies of water around the globe. The NFT collection exhibits that precise moment when the VLTRAMARINI, those beyond the sea, finally arrive at an unidentified coastline.

IG @edisonpenafielstudio Twitter @epenafielstudio

Psynesthesia by Rubens DB

Rubens DB (France / Israel) is a generative artist, photographer, and data analyst with an interdisciplinary approach. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Psynesthesia is an art project and NFT collection composed of 1024 artworks bridging psychology and portraiture in an attempt to visualize personality traits using generative art. By answering the “Big Five Personality Test," participants are generating a unique artwork from their results thanks to an algorithm coded by the artist. The more the agreeableness is high, the more the colors are warm; the more the extroversion is high, the more the connections are developed; the more the neuroticism is high, the less colorful the artwork will be. The test results are anonymous and three versions are available for different accuracies. Furthermore, NFT owners are granted a photoshoot for personal portraits with their juxtaposed results.

IG @studio.rubens Twitter @suparub

Society of Mind by Joseph O’Connell

Joseph O'Connell (Arizona) is the founder of the studio Creative Machines. He uses light and motion to explore the evolving relationship between self, society, and the cosmos. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, the physical component of “Society of Mind” is a glass helmet that surrounds the participant with hundreds of lenses. From within, the world is presented to the viewer as multiple views, all slightly different. From outside, the self is rendered as hundreds of slightly different selves, all seen from different viewpoints.

IG @creativemachines Twitter @creatvmchns

Community Narratives - Beyond Borders by MGOGLKTKO

Carlos Luna James (Mexico / Los Angeles), also known as MGOGLKTKO, is a multimedia installation artist who blends physical and digital art to create immersive experiences exploring the concept of Protopian futures. Using science fiction, fantasy, culture, and technology, Carlos creates phygital environments that have been showcased at Sotheby’s and other locations worldwide. He has collaborated with TIME Magazine, the Latin Grammys, FOX, Universal, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Relativity, TNT, and TBS, focusing on the creative direction, art direction, animation, and motion graphics of premium content. Today, he is known as MGOGLKTKO and works out of his own artist studio. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Community Narratives - Beyond Borders” is the first installation of the "Awakening" project, which is a chapter series of immersive installations that follow the story of K'in, a digital shaman searching for the 8 magical artifacts of human values. This is the first installation of the series, and it represents community and collaboration, learning about unique approaches to connect through technology, spirituality, and diversity. Through this experience, Carlos invites the audience to learn about the importance of cross-cultural collaboration for a potential regenerative future.

IG @mgoglktko Twitter @MGOGLKTKO

Token Gestures by Ana María Caballero

Ana María Caballero (Colombia / Florida) is a poet and artist. She's the recipient of the Beverly International Prize, Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize, the Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize, and a Sevens Foundation Grant. Her Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net-nominated work has been widely published and exhibited internationally, most recently at bitforms gallery in New York, JustMAD in Madrid, Gazelli Art House in London, Galloire in Dubai, and L’Avant Galerie Vossen in Paris. Recognized as a Web3 poetry pioneer for her own work, she's also one of the co-founders of theVERSEverse. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Token Gestures” consists of a 10-minute live poetry reading in a dark room, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in verse. At the end of this performance, attendees will be invited to write down one word inspired by the reading, which will be used to generate text-to-image AI visuals, plumbing our collective memory to extract images that represent the experience of listening to verse. The visuals and the words provided by the audience will be assembled into a spoken-word, media-rich artwork, which will be offered to participants to collect as an affordable, editioned artwork, thus becoming a token gesture that avows and celebrates the transactability of poetry via blockchain provenance.

IG @anamariacaballero Twitter @CaballeroAnaMa

Expanded Iris by Anaisa Franco

Anaisa Franco (Brazil / Barcelona) is an artist-chitect interested in affectivating spaces by integrating parametric digital fabrication mixed with technology. In the last few years, she has been developing artworks for commissions, public spaces, light festivals, museums, and galleries such as the Shanghai City Life Festival, VIVID Sydney, Annecy Paysages, Medialab Prado, Mecad, MIS, Hangar, Taipei Artist Village, China Academy of Public Art Research Center, Mediaestruch, Cite des Arts, ZKU, SP_Urban, MAC Fenosa, EXPERIMENTA Biennale Melbourne, RUMOS Itaú Cultural, URBE, and many others. Franco creates affective sculptural works for public spaces. Her production synthesizes concepts of Biophilia and human psychology with a mission to activate the public space, transforming simple moments into magic experiences and augmenting people’s senses. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Expanded Iris” is an interactive installation that invites people to look through a space Iriscope, which scans the user's Iris and projects a metamorphosis of the iris mixed with Galaxies and Nebulae. The project invites people to look at their own micro-universe of the iris and find similarities with the macro universe of Galaxies while having a biometrics eye scanning experience. The work is composed of custom biometric software and a parametric 3D-printed telescope that has a camera inside it.


Parametric Design by In-Generic @in_generic

Interactive software by Antonio Mechas @antoniomechas2468

Sound design by Inertia Sonic Arts @inertia.sonicarts

Presented at Reshaping IDs, Connecting realities. A museum solo Exhibition by Anaisa Franco that metamorphoses biometrics. At CAB Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos from Feb 4th to May 22, 2022.

Work commissioned by CAB Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos, 2022.

IG @anaisafranco Twitter @AnaisaFranco_AF

One Climate Eight Realities by Rema Lab

Rema Lab (Japan, India, Venezuela) is a global collective and creative research lab incubating artists and scientists to build experiences that allow the opportunity to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity. Rema’s mission is to catalyze meaningful work while building awareness and understanding of the ways that artificial intelligence can revive the art world. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “One Climate Eight Realitihges” is a collection of AI-generated artworks trained on satellite images that show deforestation and rising sea levels.

IG @remalab Twitter @remalab 

Coral Portal by Lauren Shapiro

Lauren Shapiro (Miami) is a master ceramicist and sculptor who combines technology and craft to create multimedia installations. Her public art projects link people with the environment and encourage conversations about potential outcomes and solutions for our changing natural world. She’s been awarded grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation, Knight Foundation, Awesome Foundation, and Oolite Arts. She is an artist-in-residence for a National Science Foundation grant awarded to marine ecologists at California State University, Northridge. Her work is in the Jorge M. Perez Collection. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Coral Portal” is an immersive experience that allows visitors to explore the shapes and forms of a coral reef ecosystem. It features a 3D photogrammetry scan of an extinct coral population from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, flattened in 2018 by a hurricane intensified by climate change. On top of this, a 3D scan of a restoration site of Elkhorn corals from Carry's Fort reef in the Florida Keys is projected. This work creates a sculptural and digital archive of these endangered ecosystems.

IG @loshap Twitter @lo_shap 

Eco by Marlon Portales

Marlon Portales (Cuba / Miami) is a multidisciplinary artist, working with several media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, video, and digital art. An active representative of the Latin American NFT art community, Portales explores painting from its physical dimension to its virtuality. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Eco” proposes an installation made up of two parts – an acrylic painting on canvas on which a digital pictorial animation will be projected. The physical painting will be absorbed by the colors and dimensions of the digital projection NFT.

IG @marlonart91 Twitter @HPictur

Oscillation to the Edge of Consciousness by Maria Finkelmeier

Maria Finkelmeier (Boston) is a percussionist, composer, educator at Berklee School of Music, new media artist, and founder of MF Dynamics. Whether it’s scoring conceptual art films, creating beats out of audio recordings from everyday life, investigating AI composition, or serving as both director and performer in multi-sensory public art installations, her body of work invites the viewers and audience members into music by offering a new relationship with every sound, rhythm, and gesture. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, the project was born from the desire to preserve the ephemeral, to explore the impact and nuance of the human touch in a digital space. Built from the human gesture as music is performed, “Oscillation to the Edge of Consciousness” is a manifestation of a sonic landscape that expresses the human touch in the digital space.

IG @mfdynamics and @mariafinkperc Twitter @mfdynamics and @mariafinkperc 

Time To Be Happy by Benzi

Benzi (Israel / Miami) designs and restores physical objects, and then transforms them into modern-day digital to present his work. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, his collection “Time to Be Happy” is a reflection of his life-living philosophy, where past and future are always now. Benzi’s Time To Be Happy 00:01 transforms physical, antique timepieces into futuristic art in a never-before-seen collaboration of artists and Web3 innovators. In its past iteration, curated by gmoney, seven 1-of-1 physical pieces corresponded with NFTs that were auctioned on Nifty Gateway at SCOPE during Art Basel Miami. The base structures are antique IBM punch-in/out clocks from 1912-1930, transformed to display digital art by Benzi. 

IG @Benzistudio Twitter @Benzistudio


NONOTAK (France) is a creative duo founded by former visual artist Noemi Schipfer and former architect-musician Takami Nakamoto. NONOTAK works with light & sound installations and performance pieces to create ethereal, immersive, and dreamlike environments which are built to envelop, challenge, and stagger the viewer. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “DAYDREAM” is an audiovisual installation that generates space distortions. Relationships between space and time, accelerations, contractions, shifts, and metamorphosis have been the lexical field of the project. This installation aimed at establishing a physical connection between the virtual space and the real space, blurring the limits and submerging the audience into a short detachment from reality. 

IG @nonotakstudio

Feminine Future by Katie McIntyre

Katie McIntyre (Vancouver) is an artist, industrial and fashion designer, director, and innovator. She is known for her visual philosophy of feminine futurism — a method of incorporating the empowered feminine voice into often highly patriarchal industries. She has worked with Apple and Google, had features in TIME Magazine and at the Los Angeles Science Center, partnered with Flo Milli, Amazon, and Hypebeast, and collaborated creatively with Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Normani, Lizzo, and Latto. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Feminine Future” will be the ultimate combination of projection and physical sculpture. A 3D wall fixture will be the formal physical element, combined with projections to tell a multi-faceted story of the progression into a post-glass ceiling reality. Gradients, the universe, and light animations will flow through the physical form, bringing a more tactile dimension to a largely digital space.

IG @katie.mcintyre Twitter @katieemcintyre


Fabrication sponsored by EES Design Studio

Comfort Zone by We Are Nice’n Easy

We Are Nice’n Easy (Miami) is a collaborative by artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble that has exhibited works at Locust Projects, Spinello Projects, Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood, Young at Art Museum and The Bass Museum. In addition to receiving a fellowship as Artists in Residence in Everglades, We Are Nice’n Easy has completed several public art projects for the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, Miami Beach Art in Public Places, Broward Public Art & Design, and the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project. The collaborative focuses on creating immersive mixed-media installations and developing a visually cohesive subtropical vernacular with its material choices and use of repeated motifs. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Comfort Zone” is a physical lounge space performing as a simulacrum of a swimming pool. The installation hosts a collection of pool float soft sculptures and their corresponding NFTs, collectively titled Handle with Care. By minting these video works as NFTs, they are absorbed into what is becoming the metaverse.

IG @weareniceneasy Twitter @weareniceneasy

Unlocking by ADIENY

Adieny Nunez (Puerto Rico / Miami) is an artist who specializes in abstract expressionism. Her work has been featured in Miami Art Week's SCOPE and Untitled, and she has collaborated with Coach, BMW, Puma, Spotify, and Neutrogena. Adieny is known for her activism in support of non-profit organizations, mental health, and children's causes. Her work with Puma Hoops and Roc Nation has helped in reforming the justice system. 

For Phygital Cities of the Future, “Unlocking” is a large installation composed of a canvas painting juxtaposed with an NFT animation that projection mapped with text-based art onto her physical painting.

IG @adienynunez Twitter @officialadieny 

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