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Cory Van Lew: Behind the Art

Medicine Man and the Sacred Universe 

It’s been a life-changing experience for Cory Van Lew to be the only one of the seven artists in CODAMADE’s first drop to go through the creative process of entering this new realm of public work. 

Van Lew is a painter and NFT artist who has recently been expanding into 3D and sculptural installation. His work serves as a tool to invoke positive energy in the viewer through his signature bright pastel color palette. 

Exploring everything from figurative, scenic, and abstract art, Van Lew portrays his life experiences on canvas through people and environments of inspiration. Pulling from moments of his life, he uses his “Theory of Transmission” to translate his inner truth and captivate viewers with unique characters immersed in a vibrant colorful universe. 

Coming from the painting and digital world, the process of creating art in the digital sphere considers new elements such as spatial awareness, materiality, and physical 3D construction for the first time with the immersive art installation. Van Lew’s NFT project offers unique insight into these first moments of his creative process – diving into a new world of physically transporting viewers into his sacred universe. 

Van Lew’s collection features an image depicting his spiritual experience with Kambo, a medicinal ritual practiced among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Medicine Man is the first in a series that features blueprints for an immersive and experiential physical art installation that guides visitors through a spiritual journey using color, light, and sound. 

The image of Medicine Man shows Cory in a trance, lying on a large rock by a river, wrapped in a blanket while experiencing a state of bliss. His brother appears in the background, visibly in contrast during a harsh purging of negative energy. 

This touches on metaphoric elements of duality and polarity, positive and negative, the dark and the light. The goal behind this was to capture the state of bliss he was experiencing in a way that would evoke bliss in the viewers through the use of color and an awareness of one’s own spiritual journey.

Since his entry into the NFT community, Van Lew has established a stronghold as one of the prominent artists in the space, working with big names such as Pixar, Mike Tyson, Jake Paul, TIME, and Teyana Taylor. His balance between both the NFT digital realm and the fine arts world is what makes his background so unique. 

Van Lew is constantly exploring new avenues to expand his craft and body of work. This includes a recent painting performance at the ICA Miami, which marks his first museum display. His work can be found on popular NFT marketplaces as well as the fine arts auction house, Sotheby’s.

Explore his CODAMADE collection here.

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