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Expanded Iris

EXPANDED IRIS is an interactive installation that invites people to look through a SPACE IRISCOPE, which scans the user's Iris and projects a metamorphosis of its iris mixed with Galaxies and Nebulae.

The project invites people to look at their own micro-universe of the iris and find similarities with the macro universe of Galaxies while having a biometrics eye scanning experience.

The work is composed of custom biometric software and a parametric 3D-printed telescope that has an iris-scanning camera inside it.

The NFT Expanded Iris collections encompass two types of NFTs:

1- Personalized biometric IRIS scanning experience that will melt your own IRIS with galaxies and Nebulae using EXPANDED IRIS customized software via the physical interactive installation SPACE IRISCOPE located at CODAsummit NFT happening March 29 – 31, 2023 in Miami.
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2- NFTs animation of SPACE IRISCOPE, a 3D-printed object created with the artist's iris extrusion that works as an interface in the physical world to enable people to have the biometric scanning experience of Expanded Iris custom software. Expanded Iris webpage:

Artwork by Anaisa Franco @anaisafranco
Interactive software by Antonio Mechas @antoniomechas2468
Sound design by Inertia Sonic Arts @inertia.sonicarts and Luis Franco

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